With the arrival of 2013 Charlie's has come of age and in 2015 celebrated its twentieth birthday. When it was founded in 1995 it was one of the first clubs to be created in a cellar space, if not the first. Indeed, Brno is famous for its intricate network of underground tunnels, secret passages, and medieval cellars. The opening of Charlie's was somewhat of a secret, there were absolutely no ads or billboards to be found on the streets announcing it. Throughout the nineties dozens of thirsty guests wandered aimlessly along Kobližná street before finally stumbling upon the unmarked entrance to building No. 12 and to Charlie's. "We were spinning as if descending into a centrifuge," recall witnesses.


Three years later, in 1998, another tunnel was "discovered" and then additionally another cellar. The existing two bars, Modrý (Blue Bar), and Velký (Big Bar) were then joined via a third bar, better known as Cihlák (Brick Bar). A dance floor was later added to the Charlie's "complex", which meant dance lovers no longer had to display their art exclusively on the tables and bar as in the past. Comfortable restrooms are the result of a major reconstruction project in 2015.

Charlie's has never engaged in promoting professional DJs (and with few exceptions this is true to this day), but rather has had the opportunity to depend on a diverse group of music experts and enthusiasts who have ensured that each and every evening spent at Charlie's is a unique experience. Charlie's drink menu is as varied as its ambience. Each of the three bars has various beers on tap as part of the Beer Carousel events, a selection of refined and traditional cocktails (including house cocktails such as the Rock), and other alcoholic specialities. You can also enrich your knowledge of alcoholic beverages at regular degustations which you can find out about from our posters and active Facebook page. Already more than a thousand fans are enjoying Charlie's original texts, contests and professional photographs. Of course it's pleasant and inspiring to get a little drunk once in a while but - well, it isn't good to talk about alcohol negatively. As an old wive's tale says, every time you compare alcohol to evil God punishes three of Moscow's homeless. It isn't important how much you drink, but what it is a drink at Charlie's means to you.


When you stand at Charlie's imaginary crossroads - the front door, just below the stairs - know that all three "arrows" are pointing in the right direction. The best choice for your evening "tour" is to make yourself at home at Charlie's, a place you will find yourself coming back to over and over again. Since 1995 Charlie's has been making life just a little bit sweeter.

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